Weekly Top 5

Week of June 24, 1967
  • Groovin' - The Young Rascals
  • Aretha Franklin - Respect (1990)
  • THE TURTLES - 1967 -
  • The Association - Windy - 1967
  • The Music Explosion  ~  Little Bit O'Soul

On This Day in Music History

  • On this Day June 27, 2012
    The chief medical officer of Russia said that were to blame for the country's drug problem. Yevgeny Bryun, the nation's medical chief, said that the country's youth first got introduced to the idea of drug-taking when The Beatles traveled to India to "expand their minds". Bryun added that it was after this news entered public consciousness that people in Russia realised you could make money from the sale of drugs. When business then realised it was possible to make money from this, goods associated with pleasure, that was when the growth in the demand for drugs started."